Frequent questions on Pop Art pictures

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Can I provide my own colour preferences?
We are very happy to receive you colour requests or preferred arrangements. Or simply the colour theme of your room / wall. Our artists will then ensure they produce a picture that is harmonious in terms of colour. If you like the colour compilation of one of our order examples, simply let us know the name of the picture in the comments field when placing your order.
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Can I have pictures individually produced according to my wishes?
We are happy to produce individual Pop Art pictures for you. On request we can bring together multiple photos to create one piece of art, e.g. a collage with your favourite star.
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Can I also order the Pop Art image as a reasonably priced digital file without a printout?
On request we can provide you with the fine data in form of a high-resolution jpg, so that you can then use the picture as you wish.
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Is it possible to use multiple photos or pictures of people for a “1-Warhol”?
You can receive a 1-Warhol with more than one person on it. You can also choose to have animals and plants etc. in your picture.
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Are you able to produce a number of drafts?
We charge a minimal fee for providing you with multiple drafts. Simply enter this request in the comments field when ordering.
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Can I have the background of my image removed?
In Pop Art pictures it is usual for the background to be removed and to be replaced with a background colour field. However, on request we are able to add any background of your choice.
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I have one photo and wish to “separate” the people, or I wish to bring people from various photos together. Is that OK?
That is no problem. We are able to portray individual people from group photos separately. Or arrange them in new groups.
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Can I use 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos in a 4-Warhol?
This is no problem. You can also stipulate the sequential arrangement of the images.
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Can I also send you black and white photos?
This is no problem. We are also able to produce colour pictures from your black and white images.
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Can I add text/dedication?
This is no problem. Simply enter this request in the comments field when ordering.
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Do I receive a proof?
Yes. You will receive a proof for approval before your picture is printed. This provides you with the opportunity to request changes. You image will only be printed once you have approved it.
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What happens if I decide I would like to make changes once I receive the proof?
We want you to be happy with your picture. Our artists will incorporate your change requests and then send you a new proof. We only charge a small fee for the time required if you request extensive changes such as an alternative image or the addition of new photos, or if you require a large number of changes.
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How often does it happen that customers request changes or are unsatisfied?
This is extremely rare. Our artists receive very positive feedback. Our Pop Art images are produced by artists who specialise in the respective Pop Art style and they bring extensive experience with them. We are delighted that a large number of our customers return to us after receiving their first order.
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Who are the artists?
We work together with various national and international artists. The very high level of customer satisfaction is an indication of our quality. The optimum artistic results are assured by specialisation by product, painting style or design.
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How do you distinguish between the individual Pop Art styles, “Retro”, “Warhol”, and PurePop”?
Retro portraits bear fine lines and fine contours. In optical terms, the result is a stronger drawing effect than with the two other pop art styles.
Warhol portrait arrangements are flatter, with less fine lines than retro images. The areas contain additional structures and the overall image has a more photo-realistic effect – as is familiar with Warhol’s works.
PurePop Portraits are characterised by their strong poster style. The images are extensively flat with only essential aspects drawn in; fine lines, details and structures are omitted. Commonly, work is tone-in-tone or with strong individual colour contrasts.
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How long are the delivery times for Pop Art images?
The delivery times are generally approx. 7 – 10 working days, or 5 working days after receipt of the proof.
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How long does Express take?
Express deliveries require 5 working days incl. postage.
Tip: If your Pop Art gift should be on a tight deadline we are able to send you a proof after just 2 working days if you have placed an Express order. You can also print out a copy at home as a gift, before the printed copy is sent to you or to your requested delivery address.
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Can I also have my pictures framed?
We recommend our stretcher frame service for all Pop Art pictures. The stretching of the image provides it with the essential aesthetics and achieves the maximum effect. We have a wide range of frames available in a huge variety of styles for your picture.
 It is best to select a fitting decorative frame once you have the finished picture and are able to discuss the options with a specialist. We are happy to recommend experts in your area.
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How will my picture be packaged?
All framed pictures are bubble-wrapped and sent in special, environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. Posters are posted in a shipping tube. Transport insurance: Packages are all sent as insured packages.
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What conditions must a photo fulfil?
As long as the details on your photo are clearly visible, we are able to use it as a template. Your photo is suitable as long as it is at least 100 kb big. Naturally, pictures with higher resolution achieve better results. (However max. 2 MB please)! You can send or upload your photo as a .jpeg, .gif, .bmp or .tiff.
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Where can I provide my colour specifications or comments during the order process?
During the order process, a free text field will appear labelled “comments”. You can enter your colour choices and special requests here. If you forget to enter information whilst ordering, you can also send us your requests by email using our contact form.
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What is the quality of the print?
High quality materials and the latest printing techniques guarantee the optimum print quality – irrespective or whether you order a print on canvas or poster. You can naturally expect good colour reproduction and a professional stretching of the canvas on a stretcher frame.
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Are you also able to print larger formats or special formats?
We are also able to print special sizes. Simply inquire about this prior to ordering.
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I am worried about the security aspects. How am I protected against fraud?
You only pay for your Pop Art picture once you receive it. This is the greatest security we can offer to you. Additionally, we are a online shop with over 25,000 satisfied customers.
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My question has not been answered here, what should I do?
Please write to us via our contact page. We will be happy to call you back.
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