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Maike Hof bought an oil painting


The Last Supper! Spontaneously, Leonardo da Vinci occurs to me. But no, there are dozens of variants of this famous fresco.

One was used in 2005 by the French fashion company “Marithe and Francois Girbaud” as an advertisement, although it was boycotted by the Catholic church and as a result the posters had to be taken down. The Last Supper with an exclusively female population – a real eye-catcher.


I sent in the file and received a fantastic replica on a 2x1m canvas.

Brilliant!! Many thanks!! It’s now hanging over our 2.5m long wooden table.



Please click here to enlarge the painting .

Tina & Jörg bought a classical portrait

We found galleryy’s idea of “portraits in the style of Old Masters” very humorous and so we decided to have ourselves painted as an old patrician couple in long flowing robes.

Two photos were sufficient templates. The oil painting has turned out so well that we are now considering having a complete family portrait gallery created, just like the old lords of the castle used to have. :-)

Many thanks, galleryy. Everything went really well with you and we are more than happy to recommend you! :-)

Tina + Jörg

Gerlinde bought a reproduction of an Old Master

Dear galleryy team,

My husband is a true Rembrandt fan and I wanted to find something special for his birthday, as it was a big one. Luckily, I came across the galleryy internet site by pure chance and after that the gift was quickly chosen and ordered: A real Rembrandt oil painting.

Talking to a very pleasant galleryy staff member beforehand reassured me that the quality of the painting would be suitable, as I wanted to be sure that the picture would be good enough to satisfy the high expectations of my husband (and Rembrandt aficionados).

The member of staff informed me that galleryy has very high quality standards and only works with the best artists, and that the artists often hold relevant academic qualifications. The appropriate artist is selected specifically for the subject, one who has concentrated on precisely this style of painting and to whom the subject and techniques of the original painter are very familiar.

That finally persuaded me. And I was not to be disappointed because my husband was truly thrilled – the painting was a real success. The birthday surprise was an all-round success.

Warmest regards


Felix Kagerbauer bought a Pop Art picture


Dear galleryy team,

I am totally satisfied with my picture. It has completely fulfilled my expectations.

It is a unique and personal photo in every way.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the shipping – took only three days in total. Keep it up..!

Thanks again.

Best regards, Felix.

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